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  1. Is Dairylea Cheese?

    Ever since the inception of Dairylea in 1907, cheese enthusiasts the world over have debated if such a product can be classed as cheese?  Apparently some of these debates in the early 18th century were adjudicated by a talking cow called Peter, but they always proved inconclusive.  So there is no time like the present to finally put such a matter to bed.

    After a lengthy 7 year international study we can conclude that Dairylea is certainly not cheese, and several governments have concluded it can’t even be classed as imitation cheese.  A repercussion of this is that Dairylea will have to be re-branded as ‘wannabe-cheese’ in supermarkets.

    Surprisingly enough however cheese connoisseurs Switzerland have allowed the imitation cheese to keep their cheese status in Switzerland so it will not deter Kraft foods from using their tax free banks.

    Roger McGunigul, Director of dairyleaisnotcheese.com said it was a triumphant day for the cheese community, divulging that his pet budgie Mahmoud was so pleased he drank his iced tea in record time, a clear indication for global success.

    The British Government have agreed that next Wednesday will be a national holiday to celebrate the tremendous news, sadly however rumours that the secret cheese police may use this day to round up the opposition of the decision and melt them to death.  




    Gemma Aykroyd on 17.03.2013
    Posted in cheese news